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Selkiedog's Journal

Welcome to Planet Earth

30 July
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Although I love nature, I (selkiedog) spent most of my childhood afternoons with my nose in a book. I mostly read fantasy and fiction books such as A Wrinkle in Time and The Lord of the Rings but also loved The Diary of Ann Frank and other auto-biographical books. I discovered Dr. Who, on PBS. I spent afternoons battlign my siblings for TV time. They just didn't get it. But, I loved it and am now extremely excited to see Dr. Who back on TV. Sometime in early adulthood, I learned that I could bring my books along on camping trips and while traveling. Shortly thereafter, I began hiking and traveling overseas to such places as Thailand, Zimbabwe, and Costa Rica. I became a teacher and spent many years working with some very incredible children whom I now realizes, taught me more than I could ever have taught them. I still reamins in touch with many of my former students and their families and am greatly enjoying wathing them grow. Recently I completed a PhD and am going to begin a new career as a professor of Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education. I am a wife and "mother" of two labradores-Jake and Selkie (hence my livejournal screen name selkiedog). my other interests include social justice, teacher education, humor, music-all kinds, and now livejounal!