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Writer's Block: Home Cooking

When was the last time you cooked for yourself? What did you make?
OK embarrased to say this...popcorn...whew...

Writer's Block: Saving Money

What are some ways to save money on gas?

Walk....stay home....ride with pals.....drive an ethanol car....ride a bike....

Writer's Block: Saving Money

What are some ways to save money on gas?

Just Hanging Around

So it is amazing how great cleaning out clutter and pruning bushes can do. It almost makes me wish I was a stay at home wife. I am pretty much gearing up for a busy semester. So I just have to deal with the fact that the bushes will grow and the dishes will pile. But life goes on. I miss old friends am making new friends and basically figuring out who I am in this new space. So....while life changes a great deal it also is as David Byrne would say "same as it ever was." Just rambles here.....

Writer's Block: Becoming a TV Character

If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?
Easy...Sarah Jane Smith! Why....because she is a strong woman who was a great companion on Dr. Who but can stand alone too...she's cool, she looks great....she's smart...and now she has her own darn show...but if I couldn't be her...then maybe Gwen on Torchwood..or Buffy..but both of their love lives are sort of tragic and both have wacky taste in men...so I think I'll stick with Sarah Jane.

I'm back!

OK I have been a total slacker on LJ. Move, new job, new home, new life, craziness...but I am back at last! So thankful that I haven't been booted off the face of the LJ planet.
Best Birthday....The first one....Very glad to have been born....

worst....really can't think of one but did get sick on my 21st which wasn't fun.

Write about your best (or worst) birthday.

Writer's Block: Warning:

Warning: This one likes to get silly but can also be a bit overly intense when a deadline is looming

Writer's Block: Total Transformation

The best: Chopped my hair off by one foot to donate to locks for love.

The worst: Platinum botched dye job or it could be the bozo the clown perm back in high school.....Both just plain awful!
Tell us about your favorite DIY clothing stores.

No idea what DIY clothing stores are but am ashamed to admit.....trying to make my sweatshirt like the woman's in "flashdance" and ripping my already raggedy jeans during the grunge era was about as DIY as I got....but if I could I'd design and sew my own clothes.